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One of the five tools of a great baseball player is throwing ability. Division I college baseball coaches will be looking for players whose throwing abilities are at least 85 MPH, whether they’re throwing from the infield, outfield or the mound. Division II coaches will expect 82 MPH and above, and Division III requires speeds from the upper 70s.

What are you doing to enhance your throwing velocity and strengthen your rotator cuff? Our Velocity Throwing program is guaranteed to increase velocity and decrease risk of injury. Athletes will focus on developing rotary propulsive power and building strength and stability in the muscles of the rotator cuff. The players who took this class last season saw an average 4 MPH increase in their throwing speed – one athlete even increased by 9 MPH!

The Elite Velocity Throwing Program combines the best in stretching, footwork, upper and lower body strengthening and conditioning, throwing drills, pitching drills, weighted balls and mental preparation to develop the skills and characteristics that define the Elite Player.

If you are looking to take your pitching and throwing game to the next level, Connecticut Elite Baseball is where you need to be. We challenge you to give this program a shot.